About Me

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Mission Statement

  • My vision & purpose as owner & founder of Wisdom Life Coaching is to create opportunities to share three simple truths with those who are curious and/or in need of support.  I share these “Three Principles” because an understanding of them has deeply and measurably changed my life.  Professionally, my mission is meaningful because what I teach creates sustainable change.  I believe that this understanding has the potential to make a necessary shift in our collective quality of life.

Education & Training

  • 1997 B.S. Elementary Education, Western Oregon University
  • 2006 Trained as Three Principles facilitator
  • 2008 M.S. Counseling, Marriage, Family, and Child specialization


  • Former educator in Tiburon, California.
  • Experience with wide range of populations, with specialization in teen & youth.
  • Experience with at-risk and crisis clients in both school & clinic settings.
  • Trained Three Principles Facilitator.
  • Owner of Wisdom Life Coaching where I work with youth, families, couples, adults, communities, groups and businesses.
  • Current member of STAND for Children, Lake Oswego chapter.
  • Participant in Leadership Lake Oswego, 2012-13.

General Philosophy

  • My general philosophy is based on the truth that each person possesses their own wisdom…a perfect navigation system. I operate from a focus on mental health, rather than mental illness. My main goal as a life coach is to help my clients gain an understanding that will allow for continued growth long after our sessions are over.
  • My work is based on the Three Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness, which uncover the secrets behind human experience. By understanding these Principles you will gain the ability to observe your own thinking, rather than simply reacting to it. You will raise your level of awareness, and you will also gain the ability to access your own wisdom consistently.
  • The Three Principles defined:
    • Mind~The universal intelligence of all things (aka: wisdom, gut feeling, instinct, spiritual energy, intuition, etc).
    • Thought~The mental material we make up each moment. Personal in nature, and looks real to us.
    • Consciousness~The ability to be aware of reality & how it is created.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
~ Einstein