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1. What is Life Coaching?

• A process by which the coach aids the client in uncovering their innate knowledge so that they can achieve sustainable results.
• The coach will impart information to the client, but the true impact comes
from within the client.
• Like any good coach, the goal is to increase the independence within the individual, and reduce reliance on the coach or other outside influences.
• The reason to work with a life coach is to empower yourself to listen to our own inner voice and become your own guide.

2. What is the difference between life coaching and therapy?

• In simplistic terms, a therapist attempts to heal wounds of the past, whereas a life coach focuses on the present moment and moving your life forward.
• A therapist focuses on diagnosis and mental illness, while a life coach focuses on your mental health and helping you tap into it regularly.

3. What are the qualifications of a life coach?

• Government bodies have not found it necessary to provide a regulatory standard for coaching, nor does any state body govern the education and training standard for the coaching industry. With my experience and a M.S. in counseling, I am overqualified for the title of life coach. I provide excellent references, upon request, and I operate under the codes of confidentiality and ethical conduct.

4. Why does life coaching work?

• Life coaching works, because the process teaches you how to more effectively use what you already have.
• Life coaching works, because it does not involve the healing of old wounds. Instead it allows you to tap into your own innate health and focus on today.
• Life coaching works, because it’s an inside-out process whereby you become your best guide. This is something that you take with you and continue to develop naturally.
• Life coaching works, because your insights create changes within you. Once you see your experience differently, your old way of thinking and experiencing becomes obsolete.

5. Who hires a life coach and why?

• Life coaching helps you learn how to make choices that create an effective and balanced life, whether the focus is personal or business related.
• Focus areas are endless, but some include: Relationship issues, stress management, spiritual or personal growth, motivation, creativity, self-care, and family/parenting.
• For groups/businesses, life coaching is helpful in creating a more successful work-life. The understanding gained in life coaching creates a clear state of mind, which is often the key to improving results.


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