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Counseling vs. Life Coaching

Discussing my coaching philosophy

Explaining the Three Principles

The value of being a good listener

Raising awareness

The answers you seek are right where you stand


My Recent Appearance on the CSC Radio Show

Click here to listen to the radio show discussion

An Example of My Work with Teens

Transformations in Business Through Innate Well-Being

The Three Principles Within the Jail System – Part 1

The Three Principles – Inn Vision Homeless Shelter – Part 1

The Three Principles in Communities. Part 1, Modello

Three Principles Facilitator Interviews

Dr. Ernest Brown – (I taught students age 14 – 18 in their pilot Summer program that he refers to in this video.)

Dr Aaron Turner – part 1 – The 3p’s

Tanya Kennard – part 1 – On the Current Mental Health Paradigm

Mara Gleason – part 1 – Three Principles

Dr Dicken Bettinger – Part 1- Personal Story

Dr. Roger Mills – Part 1 – Talking About the Three Principles

Ami Chen-Mills- part 1 – Talking about community projects

Jenny Kennard – The Three Principles – Part 1

  • Sydney Banks

    37 years ago the late Mr Sydney Banks had a profound insight into the nature of human understanding. Which he later called the ‘Three principles of Mind Consciousness and Thought’. Mr Banks lived on Salt Spring island in Canada, and taught internationally. For more information about Mr Banks please visit his web site

    A Quiet Mind

    Sydney Banks’ Letter to Oprah

    For more videos with Sydney Banks, click here.



  1. Randhil October 1, 2011 1:19 pm  Reply

    Wait, I cannot fathom it being so strgaithforwrad.

    • wisdom12 October 1, 2011 3:48 pm  Reply

      It’s true & refreshing that it is so simple, right? Hope you have fun experimenting with what you found!

  2. Jarod January 30, 2013 1:27 pm  Reply

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, Videos – Testimonials from Clients and FacilitatorsWisdom Life Coaching, thanks for the good read!
    — Jarod

    • Cory January 30, 2013 9:29 pm  Reply

      Thanks Jarod! Can you let me know what it was that you liked about what you heard? I look forward to hearing from you & hope you’re doing well. ~ Cory

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